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Dear clients,
Natural & Fancy Yarn offers affordable custom Knitting Services for anyone who would like to have exclusively made rare clothes. Our skilled knitters can make any sweater, scarf, hat or any other clothes without any pattern. All you need is to send us a picture of a piece that you would like to be made or a simple description in words. For the best fit of the product, please
provide us with dimensions using an easy sketch on this page. All dimensions could be in inches (in) or centimeters (cm).

Please, send your orders or any questions to yarn@naturalyarn.net

Sweater (Small Medium) - $99
Sweater (Large size and up) - $139
Poncho - $155
Skirt - $99
Scarf - $40
Hat - $40
Gloves - $35 



  USA - $10 per item.
  Free shipping is offered for 3 or more items.

  Please, contact us regarding prices
  for children's clothes.




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